Saturday, October 16, 2010

Im lusting so HARD for Karen OooooMy God that i am ready to burst!

Why does she make me hunger for her so insanely?
She gives off such intense sexual energy, like an itch that cannot be satisfied. my lust for her is such a strong desire to invade every orrifice of hers with tongue, fingers and penis for a sexual marathon lasting days. i am sure she has the drive to go for 72+ hours of orgasmic, squirting explosions and i would eagerly, intensely, enthusiastistically drink up and consume every gram of sweat, liquid, ejactulant, juice, that she emitted.
i love the "nightshot" videos of her on youtube that show her in the ultra tight catsuit that Christan Joy made her:
And an X-rated vid of me watching the video:

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